The 6 Best Arcades in Arizona!

Arcade games are one of the few novelties of the 80s that have survived the test of time. While hair bands and piano key neckties have fallen by the wayside, arcades have continued to prosper. They’re like the perennial pop culture cockroach, feeding off nostalgia like Pac-Man on pac-dots and assorted fruits. Here are our favorite arcades where you can relive your glory days as a pinball wizard.

Cobra Arcade Bar, Phoenix, AZ

Opened in 2016, Cobra Arcade Bar is a downtown video arcade and bar that is filled with adults releasing their inner child. This 21 plus venue has a “holy grail” of games include 40 vintage arcade classics including “NBA Jam,” “Street Fighter,” “Frogger,” and “Mortal Kombat.” They also serve up geek inspired drinks with arcade monikers. Customers can sip on a selection of 14 draft beers or go for inventive cocktails like the “Crazy Kong,” “Asteroid,” or “Princess Peach.”

Pizza Mart, Mesa, AZ

This throwback pizzeria has remained relatively unchanged during its over 30-year run. Pizza Mart is a mom-and-pop shop with no website, $5.50 large pizzas, and legendary arcade hits. This family-friendly joint is a great place to introduce a new generation of kids to the arcade games of yesteryear. Their game room lineup includes classic such as “Galaga,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Mortal Kombat,” and “Pac-Man.”

The Grid: Games and Growlers

The Grid firmly follows their motto of “Games and Growlers.” This bar/arcade is a nostalgia and geek inspired throwback to the heyday of arcade popularity. Even without arcade games, this venue would be impressive. They feature live bands and DJs on the weekends in addition to a full bar and craft beer. Their arcade section is filled with old school favorites like “Tron,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” and “Initial D.” The crowd favorite is “Killer Queen”–the world’s only 10-player arcade strategy game.

Golfland-Sunsplash, Mesa, AZ

This hybrid waterpark and amusement center is the most impressive venue on this list. Featuring over 30 rides and attractions, families can spend well over a day without hitting everything in the park. In King Ben’s Castle lies an arcade wonderland. Their list of over 200 arcade games includes 80s classics like “Q-Bert,” “Donkey Kong,” and “Ms. Pac-Man.” There’s also driving games like “Initial D,” dance games like “Dance Dance Revolution,” and tokens galore.  

Castles ‘N Coasters, Phoenix, AZ

Castles ‘N Coasters is a massive 10-acre park and the best place for rollercoasters in the state. Aside from thrilling rides, Castles ‘N Coasters has a two-level arcade arena. Inside the arcade is a truly impressive mix of games. Fans of old school games will love the recognizable titles like “Street Fighter,” “Pac-Man,” “Centipede,” and “Galaga.” There is also myriad driving and shooting games with newish crowd pleasers like “Time Crisis.”

Dave & Busters, Glendale, Tempe, Scottsdale, AZ

Dave & Busters selection of familiar games is legendary–from the many skee-ball, Pop-a-Shot, and air hockey stations located throughout. They have too many arcade games to list, but rest assured they would not disappoint. Additionally, their fun food, drinks, and energetic atmosphere make any Dave & Busters worthy of this list.

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