Exhibition: Nothing to Declare

Saturday, Oct 21, 2017 at 12:00pm


Each year, millions of people cross the border from Nogales, Mexico into Arizona. With 11.8 million people living along the U.S.—Mexico border, the wall has become an important symbol of both freedom and restriction on both sides. Nothing to Declare: Transnational Narratives is a multi-disciplinary exhibition that explores the real-world aspects surrounding border issues. This exhibition will engage in dialogue with and activate the community to explore the complexity of issues surrounding immigration and global borders, not limited to those that are physical but also psychological, while simultaneously considering other architectures and means of oppression. The exhibition documents the historic struggles of this problematic region and the ongoing resistance by contemporary artists to confront the past and shape the future, while digging deep into environmental and human rights issues, labor, and the use of language as a form of subversion and unity along the border. By exploring seemingly disparate places, themes emerge, such as the proliferation of fear and the decline of reason in our current political climate.