Exhibition - Sorting Out Race

Wednesday, Dec 6, 2023 from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Chandler Museum
300 S Chandler Village Dr.

The traveling exhibition, “Sorting Out Race,” features more than 100 thrift store donation items that have been collected and will be on display through Jan. 7 at the Chandler Museum. These objects demonstrate the persistence of racial stereotypes and their relation to racism and bias in American society.

“Sorting Out Race” prompts key questions. Are these harmless reminders of past attitudes or do they perpetuate stereotypes about race? Should thrift stores sell these objects? Should they be “sorted out” of the resale environment? The idea for this exhibition arose out of a desire to divert these artifacts from thrift stores to an exhibit that would generate a healthy community conversation about our continuing struggles with race.

A portion of the exhibit is called “Reclaiming Stereotypes,” which provided an opportunity for people of color to remake the social meanings depicted in some of the displayed objects. It also explores the role of antiques and collectibles today. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to share their voice and give input on what items they would be reluctant to donate to a thrift store. Visitors can also provide their ideas for a new name and logo for the Washington, D.C. football team and redesign the Kansas state flag.

The goal for the exhibition is to provide a safe space for dialogue and to share personal experiences while surrounded by objects and imagery ranging from insensitive depictions to disrespect to the intensely offensive.

The "Sorting Out Race" exhibit is produced and toured by Kauffman Museum at Bethel College, North Newton Kansas.

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