Tombstone Helldorado Days

Saturday, Oct 21, 2017 at 10:00am


A very warm and sincere “Welcome” to all of you from the Helldorado board of Directors.  My goodness!  It has been a year already since we last celebrated the anniversary of Helldorado.  Eighty-six years is a long time.  So much has changed in the world, and yet the citizens of Tombstone throw open their town to welcome people who love the history and magic of Tombstone.  We hope this is your anniversary for many Helldorado visits.  If it is your first visit, I’m pretty sure it won’t be your last.  Once you become part of Helldorado and part of Tombstone, Tombstone and Helldorado will become part of you.


A very action packed day, starting at 10:00am and running to 4:45pm, with over 25-30 different entertainment groups from gunfighters, line dancers, cowboy stories, music and just plain good old fun.

The Hospitality room, starting about 11:00AM, there will be finger food and beverages until they run out, so be there. This will be a place to sit and relax with after a show, while having a refreshment or two as well as a snack.