The 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Arizona!

Authentic Indian food is a real treat. From lamb curry, to chicken tikka masala, to vegetarian-friendly options, there’s something for just about everyone. And when it comes to a diversity of delicious flavors and spices, the great Indian restaurants of Arizona are prepared to impress your taste buds. Here are the best places for Indian food in the state!

1. India Oven, Mesa, AZ

At India Oven, you'll be asked to specify the heat of your dish upon ordering. Your options are mild, medium, or spicy—so it's safe to say that there's no lack of flavor or spice to be found here. The menu is vast—with appetizers, chef specials, vegetarian dishes, breads, and entrees featuring chicken, lamb, beef, goat, and seafood. With so many options, there's sure to be something to satisfy every palate in your dinner party at India Oven.

2. Curry Garden, Gilbert, AZ

Curry Garden is a unique Indian restaurant serving "a blend of traditional Indian cuisine with western delicacies," as per its website. The restaurant's main chef has an astounding 19 years' worth of culinary experience, and he strives to develop his healthy recipes while bringing the best to your dining experience at Curry Garden. We would recommend stopping by from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for the lunch buffet, so you can try as many different dishes as you wish!

3. Twisted Curry, Phoenix, AZ

As the name Twisted Curry implies, this restaurant offers an exciting take on traditional Indian dishes and flavors. You'll find curry dishes here, but you'll also find barbecue tandoori, wraps, and salads. If you're looking for an atypical take on Indian food that emphasizes local sourcing and sustainability. Explore, experience, and enjoy your next Indian meal at Twisted Curry.

4. Curry & Scoop, Tempe, AZ

What's the scoop, you ask? At Curry & Scoop, you'll find two things. Delicious, authentic Indian fare...and ice cream. Now, you're probably wondering what kind of ice cream and Indian restaurant would serve. The "scoop" side of Curry & Scoop features the following ice cream flavors: Rose Petal, Nothing but Mango, Kesar Pista (saffron and pistachio), and Paan—which is flavored with Betel leaves and fennel seeds. Grab some Indian food and ice cream from here and you'll have a delicious dinner and dessert sorted in record time!

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5. India Palace, Flagstaff, AZ

Things are done differently at India Palace. For starters, Indian isn't the only cuisine that's served up here. You'll also find dishes from Nepal and Tibet on the menu, too. There's no worrying about confusing one type of cuisine with another, as each has its own section on the menu. If you're looking for an authentic continental dining experience, try a taste of India Palace today.

6. Flavor Of India, Oro Valley, AZ

Are you vegetarian or gluten free and looking for your Indian fix? If the answer's yes, Flavor Of India's got you covered. With over two dozen vegetarian dishes and many dishes which are gluten free, finding something to love on the menu isn't a difficult task. And if you're not vegetarian or gluten free—there are even more options for you. Did we mention the full bar and beer/wine selection? No? Well now we have. Enjoy!

7. Marigold Maison, Phoenix, AZ

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or none of the above, Marigold Maison has an Indian staple on the menu for you. From classics like chicken tikka to street food and interesting appetizers like a lentil doughnut—the menu here is nothing short of extraordinary. Fill your belly with some tasty Indian food and wash it down with one of the restaurant's many homemade natural refreshments. Kanji lemonade—we're looking at you.

8. New India Gate, Chandler, AZ

New India Gate is a fairly new addition to the Arizona Indian food scene, having just opened in 2016. When you take a look at the menu, you'll see that it's abundant in size—so much so that it may be overwhelming to some. Thankfully, under the name of each dish is a brief description of the dish itself, so you'll know what you're getting if it's your first time trying Indian food. If not, you can still benefit and maybe even try something new!

9. Guru Palace, Mesa, AZ

Walk into Guru Palace, and you'll be greeted by murals of the Taj Mahal and cushion seating on the floor—as eating on the floor while sitting cross-legged is one of India's many traditions. If that's not your style, though, there's no need to worry. Table seating is also available. The star of the show here, though, is the lunch buffet with over 10 different hot dishes to choose from, as well as salads and desserts. If you're hungry for Indian and can't make up your mind, their buffet is the way to go.

10. Ruchi Vegetarian Indian Cuisine, Chandler, AZ

At Ruchi Vegetarian, it's easy to satisfy your cravings for authentic Indian food without having to worry about there being any meat in the mix. And the dishes here are so hearty and tasty, they'll satisfy the meat eaters among you, too! Try Ruchi Vegetarian and see for yourself. We'd hit up the lunch buffet for the ultimate feast.

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