The 10 Best Pet Stores in Arizona!

We all want what’s best for our furry friends. So it’s only natural that we give our pets the best of the best. The following pet stores give us the opportunity to do just that. These locally run pet stores are stocked with all of the inventory you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. Here are the 10 best pet stores in Arizona.

Ryan’s Pet Supplies, Phoenix, AZ

Ryan’s Pet Supplies has been a leading provider of pet equipment since 1959. That longevity can be attributed to a wide range of pet products at consistently low prices. The family owned and operated business has since expanded to include a wholesale catalog of over 200 pages. Their Phoenix shop includes a warehouse style shopping experience with the best in grooming equipment, collars and leashes, and toys for cats and dogs.

Noble Beast, Phoenix, AZ

It’s important to maintain a healthy diet. So why not treat your pet to a healthy diet too? Noble Beast allows you to do just that. This health-oriented pet shop carries a large amount of organic, natural and holistic pet foods. All of their products are free of preservatives and chemical additives. They even have organic chicken feed for their rural customer base. Noble beast is also known for carrying everything your pet will need including toys, beds, collars, and leashes.

Tempe Feed, Tempe, AZ

Tempe Feed has you covered whether you have a dog, cat, horse or chicken. This family owned pet store is a large provider of wholesome food for all sorts of pets. They’ve carried a wide range of premium pet foods since opening in 1975. In addition to feeding local pets, they’ve also been providing veterinary supplies, medications, and containment equipment to the Valley since their inception.

The Stock Shop, Glendale, AZ

The Stock Shop takes the term “pet-friendly” to a whole other level. This Glendale shop attracts animal lovers from all over the Valley with live pigs, bunnies, and baby chicks in their storefront. The Stock Shop began as a feed store but has grown into a full pet store for all sorts of animals. They also carry a large line of products for current and prospective farmers with a focus on healthy and natural products.

Tropical Kingdom, Tucson, AZ

Pet stores don’t always cater to cats and dogs. Take Tropical Kingdom for example. This independent pet store carries some of the most exotic pets and pet supplies in Arizona. You’ll find freshwater and saltwater fish, amphibians, turtles, snakes, and more at this Tucson pet shop. Tropical Kingdom also carries aquaponic and hydroponic supplies and staffs experts on exotic pets.

The Pet Shop, Mesa, AZ

It’s hard to dislike the Pet Shop. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by either their friendly staff or a pack of Golden Retrievers. You’ll also find a large stock of all sorts of animals including birds, reptiles, and fish. The Pet Shop is fully stocked with supplies for every kind of pet owner. Plus, it’s locally owned and operated. People come to the Pet Shop to support the community, find supplies, and find savings on their pet care needs.

Olsen’s Grain, Multiple locations

Olsen’s Grain has been a major supplier of pet, livestock, and bird feeds to Arizona since 1979. This family-owned business has now grown to include six local stores and their own line of feeds for pets of all kinds. They offer healthy holistic feed with 16 brands of specialized pet food. Olsen’s is also a go to among pet owner looking for toys, accessories, and medicine for their pets and livestock.

Goober Pet Direct, Multiple locations

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. But there is such thing as free lunch delivery. Goober Pet Direct is known for providing free home delivery of their healthy natural pet food to the residents in the Phoenix metro area. That means you can grab your pet food supplies without ever having to step out into the pesky Arizona heat. Goober Pet Direct has thousands of pet food products for dogs, cats, birds and small animals. They also have a variety of grooming items and toys in their large Mesa warehouse and showroom.

Tucson Exotic Pet Shop, Tucson, A

Looking to see some exotic animals? Forget the zoo and head to Tucson Exotic Pet Shop instead. This exotic pet store has an array of reptiles, insects, and arachnids on hand for purchase. You can find tarantulas, lizards, turtles, tortoises, centipedes, and even scorpions at their storefront. This destination pet shop also has a special pot-bellied pig that greets customers. This pet shop also carries the latest in feeders, foods, and supplies to handle your entire pet care needs.

The Ocean Floor, Phoenix, AZ

You wouldn’t expect to find a huge collection of fresh and saltwater fish in Arizona. But that’s what you’ll find at The Ocean Floor. It’s the largest fish and aquarium store in the 11 western states. Set in a large converted roller rink, The Ocean Floor contains over 150 aquariums stocked with all sorts of fish. However, customers don’t just come for the fish tanks and Koi ponds. They also come for a large selection of accessories, water conditioners, and fresh fish foods. 

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