The 10 Best Pho Restaurants in Arizona!

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that has exploded in recent years. It may seem new, but this delicious dish has been a Vietnamese staple for generations. This tasty soup, made with broth, rice noodles, sliced beef, and a flurry of herbs, is simply scrumptious. Brace yourself for a hearty bowl of pho at these 10 restaurants in Arizona.  

1. Unphogettable, Mesa, AZ

There’s no denying that Unphogettable is a quality pho restaurant. For one, it’s authentic. The owners emigrated from Vietnam in the late 1970s and brought their delicious local delicacies to the Valley in 2008. Located in the Asian market Mekong Plaza, it’s a real find for those looking for authentic Vietnamese fare. Unphogettable is known for their legendary pho. They have 16 different varieties, eight types of meat, and even vegetarian options. Each well-sized portion is served with bean sprouts, basil leaves, jalapenos, and lime wedges. 

2. Pho Dalat, Tempe, AZ

Get ready for some serious spice at Pho Dalat. This Vietnamese restaurant is known for their spicy broth rated on a scale of 1-5. Even fans of spicy food will admit they tap out at a level three out of five. The crowd favorite is the spicy beef vermicelli made with perfectly cooked broth and noodles. Pho Dalat, located in Tempe, is also known for having some irresistible spring rolls and equally appealing lunch specials.

3. Pho Number One, Mesa, AZ

Step inside Pho Number One and you’ll be greeted by a modern restaurant and a mouthwatering aroma. Pho Number One has all the staples of a great Vietnamese restaurant: pho, spring rolls, and even Pad Thai made with pho noodles. 

4. Pho Thanh, Phoenix, AZ

Bring your appetite to Pho Thanh. This downtown Phoenix hotspot has over 150 equally appetizing menu items. They have a number of pho options made with tasty broth and tender meats. Make sure you save room for some of their renowned shrimp spring rolls during your trip. Pho Thanh may have amazing dishes, but it’s their deals that keep customers coming back multiple times per week. You can get a great entrée and appetizer for under $20.  

5. Pho Viet Nam, Chandler, AZ

Forget about fancy restaurants. Sometimes, the best food is found at hole-inthe-walls. That’s certainly the case at Pho Viet Nam, a no-frills restaurant located in Chandler. They serve over 30 types of Vietnamese dishes ranging from Vietnamese pizza to broken rice (shredded pork and steamed pork cake.) Located in a small strip mall, Pho Viet Nam has a friendly neighborhood vibe to go with their delicious pho. It’s made with large portions of noodles, broth, meats, tofu, and vegetables.

6. Noodles Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ

You’d probably expect noodle-based dishes at Noodles Ranch. But you might be surprised to see the variety in their menu. Noodles Ranch offers everything from stir-fry noodles and vermicelli noodle salad bowls. The real treat, however, is the pho. Each dish comes with bean sprouts, lime, chili pepper, and Thai basil. You can also choose from sirloin, seafood, and vegetarian broth. The combination pho is a crowd favorite. It’s made with sirloin, brisket, tendon, tripe and meatballs. Still hungry? You can get extra noodles and broth for just $1.50.  

7. Dao’s Tai Pan’s, Tucson, AZ

Tucson residents don’t have to go the Valley to enjoy tasty pho. That’s because they have Dao’s Tai Pan’s right in their backyard. This esteemed Asian restaurant offers the finest tastes from China, Thailand, and Vietnam. Pho fans have their choice of a dozen options of rice noodle soups. The best option is the Pho Xe Lua. It’s an extra-large bowl of steak, flank, tendon and tripe slices served with basil, bean sprouts, and jalapeños.   

8. Pho 43, Phoenix, AZ

Pho 43 has been a go to spot for hungry Phoenicians for over 25 years. That longevity can be attributed to their otherworldly pho. They have over a dozen options that each comes with rich broth, your choice of meat, and a large portion of vegetables. Located on the west side of Phoenix, this neighborhood spot also has some of the best deals in town. Each steamy bowl of pho is less than $6. Save room for dessert. Their macaroon ice cream sandwiches are a fan favorite.

9. Pho King Kitchen and Food Truck, Scottsdale, AZ

From a basic food truck to a busy restaurant, the Pho King Kitchen has seen a meteoric rise. Their popularity is thanks in large part due to a dynamic menu featuring inventive options like the burrito phorrito. It’s a stir-fry burrito with pho ingredients like green onions, pickled daikon, and root veggies. Traditionalists can enjoy their seven flavors of pho each served in either a half or whole serving.   

10. Pholicious, Tempe, AZ

Timing is everything. That’s certainly the case at Pholicious, a modern Vietnamese restaurant located in Tempe. Their steaming hot pho bowls are served up within five minutes of ordering. Each of their bowls combines flavorful broth and healthy ingredients to create a stellar pho experience. You can also choose between beef, meatballs, chicken, fish balls, shrimp, seafood, or a vegetarian option. 

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