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Arizona State Fair

1826 West McDowell Road

The Arizona Exposition and State Fair (AESF) is a valuable state asset. It receives no funding from the state and yet has operated profitably and prudently for many decades.  When called upon during times of financial need, AESF has done its part. The state agency has contributed $9 million to the state's General Fund over the past decade.  In 2005, when victims of Hurricane Katrina required assistance, AESF prepared its facilities in less than 24 hours and then fed, clothed, and provided shelter to 2500 evacuees for three weeks. These examples - and there are hundreds more - illustrate AESF's commitment to not only serving Arizona but to being a good national citizen as well.

AESF's signature events include the Arizona State Fair, the Arizona National Livestock Show, the Maricopa County Fair, and the Maricopa County Home and Garden Show. Our facilities are utilized 300 days a year. The crown jewel of all this activity is, of course, the Arizona State Fair (ASF). ASF is far more than a carnival, a concert venue, or deep-fried Twinkie stand. It is a community gathering place that is as viable and vibrant today as it was during the first Fair 124 years ago! We commemorate the best Arizona has to offer by showcasing the state's past, present and future, its traditions and trends, and its youth and seniors.


Jason Bennett

Saturday, May 19, 2018
Fun times! Tons of rides and things to do. You can find amazing food here you can't find anywhere else. Want to eat a Gator? Done. Want deep fried Twinkies? Done. A whole grilled turkey leg? Done. There is a kiddie area for the small kids and the rest of the place is for everyone. Tons of small little shops. Live music at night with great bands. There is one day where they give discounted food items... That's a good day to go. Overall, very fun.

Selena Vasquez

Friday, March 30, 2018
The best place to visit for events such as the state fair. Been going here since I was a toddler. Lots of games,rides and prizes with fair prices,and the lights are always colorful with barn animal attractions for the whole month long. During the month of October is when it arrives to Phoenix and its the best time of the cool weather to visit. I suggest to look up the upcoming attractions, times,and prices if you are planning to visit here for an event. Beware of parking for this day because it does get overly packed and/or the prices for the car lots. I encourage you to visit. It is defiantly worth the trip.

Heather Y

Thursday, May 3, 2018
A great Arizona tradition! The fair was a dangerous place for many years with the local gangs making it their hangout and driving away families. However, after local law enforcement crack downs the fair is now restored to a great family friendly destination. Plenty of rides to choose from and of course the best part is the Indian Fry Bread!! You must have it every time you go. If you can be there after sun down the lights are a site to see! Take the sky lift at sunset for amazing views and photo ops.

Jake ekaJ

Friday, June 29, 2018
The fair is good times had by whoever isn't paying. This place had me blowing racks on what should of been a simple date.... I should of just got an escort and saved a couple of bucks!

Matthew O'Brien

Thursday, May 24, 2018
They do a great job with with this event and you always have a fun time. It truely bring out the child in you to enjoy the rides, the games, the food and the events... especially the concerts. I think the State Fair gets a bad rap for the people who attend in that is is not safe to go. This is so far from reality. The people are great and make it what it is.

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