Arizona State Fair

1826 West McDowell Road

The Arizona Exposition and State Fair (AESF) is a valuable state asset. It receives no funding from the state and yet has operated profitably and prudently for many decades.  When called upon during times of financial need, AESF has done its part. The state agency has contributed $9 million to the state's General Fund over the past decade.  In 2005, when victims of Hurricane Katrina required assistance, AESF prepared its facilities in less than 24 hours and then fed, clothed, and provided shelter to 2500 evacuees for three weeks. These examples - and there are hundreds more - illustrate AESF's commitment to not only serving Arizona but to being a good national citizen as well.

AESF's signature events include the Arizona State Fair, the Arizona National Livestock Show, the Maricopa County Fair, and the Maricopa County Home and Garden Show. Our facilities are utilized 300 days a year. The crown jewel of all this activity is, of course, the Arizona State Fair (ASF). ASF is far more than a carnival, a concert venue, or deep-fried Twinkie stand. It is a community gathering place that is as viable and vibrant today as it was during the first Fair 124 years ago! We commemorate the best Arizona has to offer by showcasing the state's past, present and future, its traditions and trends, and its youth and seniors.


Stan Gross

Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017

Great venue for events and the fair, and pretty easy to get to. Went to the Crossroads of the West gun show to check out the offerings. It was a shooting enthusiast and sportsman's paradise. Three large event buildings, a covered large outdoor tent area, and various other outdoor stands for the vendors to display their merchandise and weapons. The only down side at the fairgrounds is that the parking fees for events are a bit on the steep side - paid $10 & $8 at recent events. $5 would be a fair and reasonable price for parking.

David McFern

Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017

It was okay. Lots of commercial shops to buy from, or trinket stands to check out. Some of the exhibits are pretty nifty, and the rides can be fun. It's definitely gotten more expensive over the years. My favorite thing to check out was the barnyard animals, where you can see everything from ducks to cows to sheep. Otherwise, it's gotten a little less unique than it used to be. I couldn't find fried rattlesnake anywhere. Still enjoyable though for a weekend visit.

Celeste Ruppelt

Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017

We enjoyed our AZ State Fair experience. Since it is expensive, we took advantage of Fry's Free Admission Friday's. We planned for the rest, and spent less time on the midway, where it gets expensive quickly. Food vendors offer Taste of the Fair $2 specials. What the specials are is indicated by a green card at their location. We also enjoyed the animal barns and the home arts exhibits. We found lots of food choices, and felt safe during the day, and even into the evening. Most of the restrooms were clean and stocked and there were hand washing stations scattered across the grounds. Parking was $5, diagonally across the street from the main entrance, in a large guarded lot.

Tabitha Hill

Friday, Nov. 24, 2017

If you like carnival food this is the place to go because there was an over abundance. We drove over 3 hours to experience the fair. Was hoping to see more vendors including home improvement. The best part of our day was the monster trucks. Would consider going again but if it is the same as this year, I won't make the trek again.

Laura Hatten

Monday, Jan. 8, 2018

Went for lights of the world and the state fair for 2017. Lights of the World was beautiful and the people who ran it were very nice. State fair not so much. We asked if my daughter could ride the rides and she was allowed on one ride. So we bought more tickets and she was denied every single ride after that. Would not issue a refund. Felt very cheated for money. Also frustrated they would let her on a ride if she apparently didn't meet the height requirement. Not a big fan.