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Red Rose Inspiration

P. O Box 74


Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is focused on saving abused, neglected, and homeless animals. We are dedicated to healing and rehabilitating canines who have suffered from emotional abuse helping them become adoptable. We are a no kill organization that promotes spay and neuter to make a difference in the over pet population of canines and felines. We promote programs that connect animals with people.


Our vision is becoming a reality!  Red Rose Inspiration for Animals, Inc. is in the preliminary stages of realizing our goal of building a Rehabilitation Center & Animal Sanctuary! The Center/Sanctuary would be the first of its kind located here in Sedona. The Center/Sanctuary would take in canines that are in need of rehabilitation due to fear or behavioral issues and give them a chance to learn to trust again in hopes of finding them a forever home. Animals deemed unadoptable will live out the rest of their natural life at our sanctuary.

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