The 10 Best Skate Shops in Arizona!

Skateboarding is all about the right equipment. Finding the right board, gear, and apparel is essential. Arizona is home to several standout shops that let you do just that. These local spots support the skating community by providing them with the right gear and guidance for a successful skate. Here are the 10 best skate shops in Arizona.

1. Sidewalk Surfer, Scottsdale, AZ

Sidewalk Surfer is Arizona’s longest standing skate shop. The Scottsdale shop has been a go-to for skaters since opening in 1977. Their huge selection of boards, accessories, and apparel has helped groom new skaters for generations. Sidewalk Surfer also has a large selection of snowboarding and rollerblade items. The helpful staff and large collection have made sure that Sidewalk Surfer will be around for generations to come.

2. Cowtown Skateboards, Multiple locations

Valley skaters love Cowtown Skateboards. This skate shop has four locations sprinkled throughout the Valley.  Each location has an experienced staff that can give their expertise on the right gear and local skate spots to inexperienced riders. This long-standing skate shop sells the gear from the biggest brands in skating. You can purchase complete or custom decks in all sizes including standard, mini, longboard and cruiser. They also have an array of parts, gear, and apparel.

3. State Rideshop, Tempe, AZ

State Rideshop is full-service bike and board shop located right in the middle of Arizona State University’s campus. Armed with a team of trusty mechanics, this full-service shop can help with everything from small repairs to full-tune ups. State Rideshop has tons of options for skateboards and longboards, including mini-cruisers, and build-your-own boards. This skate shop offers top quality items to go with their excellent prices.

4. Freedom Boardshop, Mesa, AZ

Freedom Boardshop is a true local board shop. This Mesa skateboard shop has been serving the East Valley skate community since 1999. Their staff are experts in building and doing maintenance on all kinds of decks. The skate shop also sells a variety of apparel including hats, sunglasses, t-shirts, and sweatshirts to help you pull of the true skater look. Freedom has all the elements of a great skate shop with quality gear, accessories, and apparel.

5. PlayOutsyde Skate Shop, Phoenix, AZ

PlayOutsyde has been encouraging skaters to unleash their own style. This skate shop has a creative mix of designs and products that separate it from standard skate shops. Their artistic brand decks and apparel have been attracting skaters to their downtown Phoenix shop since 2005. PlayOutsyde is family-owned and operated and a leader in retail skate gear.

6. Bordertown Skateshop, Yuma, AZ

Bordertown Skateshop is Yuma’s only locally owned and operated skateboard shop. Fortunately for Yuma residents, it’s also one of the best skate shops in the entire state. Bordertown has a large collection of skate supplies from some of the leading brands in skateboarding. They also have a loyal customer base and help to connect the skate community in Yuma. Though it’s in a small city, Bordertown has the supplies and service of a big city shop.

7. BLX Skateshop, Tucson, AZ

BLX Skateshop is a proud supporter of the Tucson skateboarding scene. This independent business is operated by dedicated Tucson skaters who are passionate about the local skate scene. Their store is stocked with a big selection of shop decks, gear, and clothing for skaters. Their selection includes a mix of modern and retro items that can appeal to a broad range of skaters. 

8. Oncore Skate & Snow, Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff is known for being a snowboarding town as it’s just minutes away from Arizona Snow Bowl. In the summer, however, Flagstaff is all about skateboarding. Local skaters can go to Oncore Skate & Snow for all of their boarding needs. This skate and snowboard shop has Northern Arizona’s largest selection of skateboards, snowboards, apparel and accessories. Their selection includes some of the top brands in the skating industry. It’s also run by a pair of skating experts with over 25 years of knowledge and experience in the industry. 

9. Sk8 Haus, Surprise, AZ

Sk8 Haus may be new, but they bring old school skating back to the Valley. This Surprise skate shop opened last year and has a large selection of old school skate and longboards. You can even get your deck custom made or take advantage of their repair service. Sk8 Haus also supports the local skate community and has even been lobbying for a skate park in Surprise.

10. On Deck, Tempe, AZ

There aren’t many shops where you can try out your new skateboard. But most places aren’t On Deck. On Deck is a locally-owned skateboard, longboard and cruiser shop with a variety of decks and accessories. They also have a functional indoor half pipe that’s open for use during business hours. This laid-back store promotes skateboarding culture and even has an array of urban art canvases for purchase. 

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