10 Essential Travel Tips When Visiting Arizona

The state of Arizona is the ultimate tourist destination for people looking for an unforgettable adventure. The majestic landscape carved out by the Colorado River presents a pretty picture. Known for its dazzling sunsets and the Grand Canyon, Arizona is every traveler’s dream destination! So, if you’re planning a trip to Arizona there are some tips that would come in handy, check it out.

1. Know when to visit and where to go

The best time to visit southern Arizona is from January to March, while the northern areas are usually popular in the summer months i.e. from June to August. Other than the Grand Canyon there are other national parks, sanctuaries, and natural animal reserves that you can visit. Check out the glitz and glam of Phoenix, and plan getaways to Glendale, Tempe, and Mesa for exploring history, adventure, and more.  

2. Find the perfect accommodation for you

Finding the ideal place to stay given your budget is always a tricky part of planning a trip. There’s a plethora of Hilton hotels and Marriott’s all across Arizona, or maybe a luxurious resort is more what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to save and experience the idyllic outdoors of Arizona, go camping at one of the hundreds of campsites across the state. From top quality hotels and comfortable lodgings to campgrounds under the starry skies…you can do it all here! 

3. Experience the local culture

Arizona has a rich history and heritage with over 22 Native American tribes residing in the state. You can visit these tribal areas to experience the different customs and cultures of the place. Arizona Trail is an unforgettable journey, perfect to get up close and personal with wild and rugged Arizona. Ensure that you pay the utmost respect to their rules and understand the cultural and sentimental significance attached to these places. 

4. Cuisines to try

Arizona is known for its Mexican fusion dishes, the southwestern flavor dominates your plate. Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana, and Rusconi’s American Kitchen are must visits when you’re in Phoenix. Try the street stalls famous for their burritos and nacho chips. You can even try out the edible cactus commonly found in fired dishes and salads. Also bottled water and lemonade are popular in Arizona. Alcohol is banned in some areas though but not too many. 

5. Be aware of the weather

The variations in temperature and the unpredictable climate of the state must be taken into consideration before you plan your trip. The spring and fall months are usually pleasant and mild, the warm weather and low humidity is ideal for adventure sports and sightseeing. The snow-capped mountains are a treat for visitors, which can be found around Flagstaff and other places. However, the desert areas are pretty hot and most of Arizona is a desert the summers are brutal. The winters are awesome though! 

6. Pack accordingly

The climate here is determined by temperature and precipitation. Carry loose, casual, and comfortable clothes for outdoor activities. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are necessary throughout the year – certainly in the summer. Summer months call for shorts and cotton shirts while winters demand sweaters and jackets. 

7. Find the proper form of transportation

All forms of transportation are available here. The Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport connects the state to over 100 cities. You can also plan a road trip with your friends! Rent a car and enjoy the interstate highways while driving within the speed limit. You can even travel via local transportation, buses and light rail are in abundance with stops throughout the Phoenix metro area. 

8. Take note of the time zone

It might be a bit difficult for international tourists to adjust to the drastic time difference. Note that the state of Arizona follows Mountain Standard Time in the winter and does not acknowledge daylight saving time which is sensible. In the summer, Arizona is in the Pacific Time Zone. So if you’re having some trouble sleeping at first, don’t worry. Your body will adjust! 

9. Understand the languages

The primary language followed in Arizona is English. However, there may be areas where the local dialects are more prominent. Also because it is so close to the border, Arizona is home to many Mexican-Americans and various Hispanic countries as well. Thus Spanish and some tribal languages are also used here. It would be very helpful to pick up a translation book, or maybe learn a bit about the Spanish language before you go. 

10. Know the safety concerns

As Arizona is very close to the neighboring country of Mexico, tourists should be extra cautious along the border areas. Also a major portion of the state is desert as already mentioned, thus the problem of dehydration is prominent. If you are river rafting, make sure you have some sunscreen with you. Hikers visiting the Grand Canyon must also beware of thunderstorms and flash flooding. 

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