The 10 Best Doughnut Shops in Arizona!

Doughnuts are the dessert of breakfast. So it’s only natural that people take a liking to these delicious treats. Arizona is home to tasty doughnuts of all varieties. Whether you’re searching for raised, cake, glazed, or sugar-topped, you’ll find the doughnut for you. Here are the 10 best doughnut shops in Arizona.

1. Welcome Chicken + Donuts, Phoenix, AZ

By now, you’ve likely heard of the popular combination of chicken and waffles. But how about chicken and doughnuts? That’s what you’ll find at this downtown Phoenix restaurant. Welcome Chicken + Donuts pairs their premium doughnuts with twice fried, lightly battered chicken. You can also find extra items like ramen, chicken wings, and a variety of sauces on their menu. As for their doughnuts, they’re hard not to like. For one, they have vegan friendly options in addition to using organic sugar and non-GMO flour. They also have some of the most unique toppings in town. Their menu includes eclectic doughnuts like Wisconsin cheddar, chipotle limón, and red wine chocolate pudding.

2. Arizona Donut Co., Tempe, AZ

Arizona Donut Co. is there for you no matter the time of day. This Tempe hole-in-the-wall has a drive-thru open 24-hours per day. You can grab a snack whether it’s for a late breakfast or late night munchies. Arizona Donut Co. serves up over 40 varieties of doughnuts for only 99 cents apiece, or $8.99 a dozen. They also have a large selection of coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and Boba smoothies. With affordable, tasty doughnuts and around the clock service, Arizona Donut Co. is hard to beat.

3. Fractured Prune Doughnuts, Phoenix, AZ

Individuality is key at Fractured Prune. This doughnut shop has over a dozen glazes and toppings available for a customized experience. You’ll find mouthwatering options here including banana cream pie, cookies & cream, and strawberry shortcake. Fractured Prune also serves cake doughnuts instead of traditional raised doughnuts, meaning they’re created with an extra layer of fat in your frying batter.

4. BoSa Donuts, Phoenix, AZ

BoSa Donuts has all the ingredients of a classic doughnut shop. They sell over 40 types of raised and cake doughnuts including favorites like the pink sprinkle, maple-bar, and raspberry filled. In addition, BoSa always has hot coffee, warm breakfast sandwiches, and tasty fruit smoothies available. This doughnut shop is also affordable. Their standard doughnuts go for only 99 cents apiece. With 16 locations and counting, its clear BoSa is a favorite among Arizonans.

5. Young Donuts, Tucson, AZ

What will you find at Young Donuts? For one, you’ll find great prices. Each doughnut goes for less than $1. Second, you’ll find a variety of toppings. Young sells both raised and cake doughnuts in addition to glazed, sprinkled, and frosted doughnuts. Favorites include the apple fritter, buttermilk, and cinnamon twist. This small shop doesn’t mess around with frills. Instead, they focus on creating the tastiest treats in town.

6. LaMar’s Donuts, Phoenix, AZ

LaMar’s Donuts has been delighting customers since 1960. What began as a small operation has grown into 25 locations across five states nationwide. They’ve done so by selling some of the best tasting doughnuts available. LaMar’s offers over 70 flavors of virtually every type of breakfast treat. You can find traditional doughnuts, doughnut holes, bars and knots at their Phoenix location.

7. Donut Parlor, Tempe, AZ

Who doesn’t love cereal? Donut Parlor specializes in cereal toppings that add a sugary kick to your doughnuts. You can find doughnuts topped with Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Crips, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch at this Tempe favorite. You can also choose from a number of more traditional doughnuts, including red velvet, Boston cream, and cinnamon sugar. In addition to their doughnuts, Donut Parlor is revered for other menu items. Customers rave about their freshly brewed coffee and ham and cheese croissants.

8. The Local Donut, Scottsdale, AZ

Fancy is one way to describe Scottsdale. It’s also a way to describe the doughnuts at the Local Donut, located in South Scottsdale. This doughnut shop has a “fancy” section on their menu, which includes drool-inducing items like crème brulee, Oreo cookie, PB&J, and maple bacon. You can also find more traditional doughnuts including the sprinkled, old fashion, and devils food. The Local’s menu also includes twists on croissants including the chocolate croissant and croissant doughnut.

9. Alvernon Donut Shop, Tucson, AZ

Alvernon Donut Shop is a doughnut lover’s dream. You can find all sorts of doughnuts that melt in your mouth at this family-owned shop. Their delicious selection includes the blueberry cake, maple bacon, strawberry frosted, Boston cream, and bear claw. Their doughnuts are also fresh and affordable, with a dozen coming in at only $10. Alvernon Donut Shop also rewards their loyal customers. Facebook friends of Alvernon receive 10 percent off their order.

10. Rainbow Donuts, Phoenix, AZ

Rainbow Donuts is more than just a doughnut shop. It’s also a café, deli, and coffee shop. They sell everything from filled croissants, Danishes, and custard raisin rolls at their café. This hangout also has free Wi-Fi and hot coffee. However, Rainbow Donuts has superb doughnuts. They have sweetened cake doughnuts, fluffy raised doughnuts, and fancy doughnuts including the bear claw, tiger tail, and whipped cream glazed doughnut. They also have a happy hour every Monday and Tuesday from noon to close.

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