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Arizona Renaissance Festival

12601 East Highway 60

The Renaissance Festival is a medieval amusement park, a 13-stage theatre, a 30-acre circus, an arts and crafts faire, a Jousting Tournament and a feast, all rolled into one non-stop, day-long, family adventure!


Kelly Coakley Magid

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
This place is pricey. As long as you know that going in, and you accept it wholeheartedly, this place is a blast. Try to get some coupons for the tickets AND I recommend going on opening weekend because it is usually the coolest, temperature-wise. There are so many entertaining shows; my kids still quote jokes they have heard there over the years. The sword swallower always cracks me up the most. The pretzels and the oranges filled with ice cream are tasty and inexpensive. Oh, definitely bring your own unopened water bottles with you. Huzzah!

Gregory Sturtz

Monday, July 2, 2018
I first started going to the Arizona Renaissance Festival back in 2001. I’ve been a regular ever cents and for the better part of the last decade of done that multiple times per season because I’ve got until like enough of the acts that I cannot catch everything I want if I don’t go at least twice. Obviously I like it. There are a variety of shows spanning from comedy, artistic, and action-packed. Well the turkey legs are great there’s much more variety than that. Steak on a stake, Chicken skewers, bread bowls loaded up with some tasty stuff, and much more. There’s also the pleasure feast which is a five course meal with entertainment during the meal. I’ve got a number of times and the food is always been good. On top of one of already mentioned you also get a ticket to the rest of the fair for the rest of the day, and a commemorative goblet specific to the pleasure fixed. Did I mention it’s pretty much all you can drink during the feast? I certainly recommend going at least once to get a feel for it. As I sometimes like to joke and may not be everybody’s cup of tea but it’s definitely a lot of people’s shot of whiskey.

Margaux Theriault

Friday, June 22, 2018
Yes! My daughter loved this place. It is a long drive to get there, but it was a lot of fun! The staff are in character the whole time, and they manually push or pump or drive all the rides! There are very cool costumes and gift shops. The live mermaids in a giant tank are probably the best. I do hope the animals are ethically handled. There are llama and other rides, but they also have a very fun, realistic jousting. Great energy! I would like it to be less expensive. It was really pricey. Could they have like a budget pass or a budget food stand? Lol. Worth it though. 👍😉

Angelica Ellis

Friday, April 20, 2018
This is a great place. Very crowded in the morning and early afternoon though. It's more like a huge outdoor mall though. I'd say 90% of it are shops. A few rides, and there are shows that run all day. The shows don't make you pay at least. In the shops I didn't find a single thing that was under $15, and only the flower head bands get that low. If you hope to by any clothing, the cheapest (all around) started at $25 and shot up to $100 and over for a full outfit. Most shops have hand made clothing, and are pretty resilient. So it's worth the money, I suggest saving up for it if you plan on buying anything. I had fun, the shows were amazing, I wish I could have seen them all. The workers are great, and they stay in character. It's is a place worth seeing at least once.

Jessica Farrar

Thursday, March 29, 2018
Such a blast! So perfect to take family. Amazing atmosphere. Cast will always go the extra mile for a great experience. filled with treasures and tasty things. Obviously can be a little pricey, but you can still have a good time on a modest budget. So much fun, we'll go every year. Be a fun person and dress up for extra great times, it's so amazing. (Also, the food stands all only take cash, so if you want to avoid a $3 fee, and a long line at the ATM: Bring lots of cash!)Also also: most of the shops won't take your debit if you're just buying anything under like $6( another reason to bring cash) Tip: unless you like crushed ice in jelly, I wouldn't bother with the berry smoothie. I found it way too sweet. Also the iced cappuccino was nothing special. I did however, enjoy the strawberry daiquiri, turkey legs are always really good too

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