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Arizona Science Center

600 East Washington Street

The mission of Arizona Science Center is to inspire, educate and entertain people of all ages about science.

Arizona Science Center is proud to offer great educational experiences for you, your family, and students. Through activities, classes, camps, hands-on exhibitions and shows, we inspire and educate.


Mike Wasdin

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
It was just so-so, but not worth what they charge to see everything. Price of admission is $18.00 which would be reasonable, except that does not really get you into anything. That just lets you walk around and look at the displays, which are not that great. If you want to go to the Planetarium or any of the other exhibits, they charge for every single one. So, if you want to see everything, expect to drop about $50.00 or more per person. I went during the Mirror Maze exhibition. Let me save you some money. If you have ever been to the house of mirrors at a carnival, you have seen it, so don't waste your money. The fact that they charge extra for this is a ripoff. Be sure to validate your parking if you do go or expect to pay even more on your way out. This is an over-priced experience that will leave you feeling like you were ripped off in my opinion.

Szilvia Valdez

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
We had such a good time ! It doesn’t just show things like regular museums but keep the kids attentions with different activities. I found the place creative and fun. I saw some comments ppl had complained for the price :( I mean 60 dollar for the whole family 4 floors full of activities and place to learn !!!! If you don’t think it worth it you are that kind of person who’s never gonna be happy with anything we arrived early and almost ran out of time ! A lot of things waiting and the price absolutely reasonable!!!!!!

Leanna Walker

Thursday, April 26, 2018
I went to the AZ Science Center for their Pompeii exhibit and Super Volcano show in the planetarium. It was all very neat. The staff was friendly and helpful, the facility was clean, we parked in the garage right by the center so it wasn't a long walk. There's a cool area with some interactive water feature for kids (made me want to be a kid again, looked very fun). I will definitely go back for other exhibits. I could see being able to spend a day here w/ kids and keeping them fully entertained all day.

DejaVu Jinx

Friday, May 18, 2018
Took my mother here for her birthday to see the Pompeii exhibit. It was amazing. The people who worked here were all super nice. Even after we left and found put my mom lost her key fob. They were all super helpful and let me retrace my steps until I found it. Can't wait to go back to see more. Also, big thank you to the people running the Pompeii exhibit and the info desk for being a big help and being awesome about it.

James Kamb

Friday, May 25, 2018
My wife and I visited to see the Pompeii exhibit. With so much to see we actually spent about 5 hours at the center. Pricing can get step, so visit your library for free tickets (if available). We watched the 3D movies for Africa and the ocean and I highly recommend you do the same. The experience was wonderful and both movies were informative and exciting. For is pricey, but supports the center so budget for it or bring food to enjoy on the 4th floor terrace. Visit the website to see what new and amazing exhibits they have...Pompeii was very cool and had so many exhibits. We can't wait to see what is next!

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