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Florence - Country Thunder Arizona Festival

20585 East Price Station Road


Sand paddler

Monday, April 9, 2018
This review comes from the viewpoint of a previously non-country fan that has spent Wednesday through Monday at Country Thunder with family & friends for the first time. The camping experience here is great and includes many attractions such as; stripper poles, slip-n-slides, whiskey & beer waterfalls and giant see-saws just to name a few. Most of the people are very friendly and in a happy, well inebriated state most of the time. The escape that Country Thunder offers goes beyond country music, it's stage shows or any of the attractions offered. If you allow it, Country Thunder will transform your time there into a time of excitement and enjoyment far beyond the daily grind that you're hoping to escape from. The concerts we saw, (except for the Friday night Jason Aldean show) that suffered from some serious sound issues were top notch. Since I've never been a country music fan I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed the Big & Rich, Toby Keith and Luke Brian shows as much as I did. I have always enjoyed live music, but the performances and content really kept us wanting more. The audience sang along as we listened to the country labeled content that in reality has more of a rock-n-roll content than most other music genres. Even if you're not a country fan get an RV and reserve your spot with friends and family in the grass at Country Thunder. Of course you'll need to bring lots of your favorite beverages for yourself and others if you like to share because you'll have plenty of new friends to share it with while you're visiting other camps in the compound. I'll close this review with the old tried and true phrase that has survived the ages; "You only live once."

Dana Gossett-Norris

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Best time of my life. There had to of been 3 guys to every 1 female. Music was fantastic, people were fun, great food and cold beer. Only downer was after the show the ground was covered in trash. I'm guessing they all forgot how to use a trash can.

Jasiel Grijalva

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Security is 10 times more strict then past years. Takes us about 30mins to 1hr to get into the concert, no I'm not complaining that they are not suppose to do that, but with drunk people who are desperate to get in it makes things harder for security to do their job. Country Thunder needs to come up with a better method on getting people into the concert and out. Other than that I love Country Thunder! It's always a fun place to be!

Tim O'Regan

Thursday, April 19, 2018
Always a great display of drunken debauchery. Been going to this festival since 1997. I just wish they could land some better headliners.


Monday, April 9, 2018
Great venue awesome experience Brett Young and Luke Bryan were fantastic. My only gripe is the parking lot lot exit and Pinal County Sheriff's Office need a better plan for getting people out. We waited over an hour and a half to leave. Mostly because the PCSO was only letting cars leave from one side.

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