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Tucson Rodeo Parade Museum

Tucson Rodeo Parade Museum
4823 South 6th Avenue

About the Museum:

The Tucson Rodeo Parade Museum is located on the northeast corner ofSpirit of Tucson, Mayse Field,Tucson Arizona South Sixth Avenue and Irvington. Here there are there buildings housing the exhibits. The large metal building was originally the first city airport hanger, established in 1918 and dedicated November 20th, 1919, Tucson Municipal Flying Field. This was the first municipally owned airport in the U.S.The idea of the Museum for public visitation was developed in 1962 by Pete Waggoner, a long time member of the Parade Committee and one of the original charter members. While the Museum is not yet finished, it can be improved only as the funds are developed. It has been open to the public each year in January and February.There are now over one hundred fifty buggys and wagons on display and additional artifacts of the old west are being collected continually. There is a typical western street with various shops that an old western town might have and historical memorabilia of Tucson.

 Museum inventory includes 150 vehicles, ranging from small Buggies, Wagons, Surries, Coaches and Historic artifacts from pioneer days and  a re-created Western Main Street representing what early Wild West Tucson would have looked like and what it offered in terms of businesses and services.  

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