Arizona's 14 Best Fall Activities!

Autumn in Arizona is a treat for the senses. The glorious hues of red, yellow, oranges of the autumn foliage look marvelous set in the mountainous landscape. Undoubtedly, fall is the perfect time for hikers and travelers to visit the city. Listed below are the top 10 activities that you can do in Arizona during the fall season:

1. Enjoy the major tourist attractions

Plan a trip around the state visiting the major tourist attractions such as the Horse Bend, Cathedral Rock, Antelope Canyon, Bell Rock, Oak Creek Canyon, Mt. Lemmon Scenic Byway, Devil's Bridge trail, and so on that look stunning during the fall.

2. Arizona is fantastic for hikers

Arizona has been a utopia for hikers for decades now. The autumn has been one of the best seasons to explore this dry and desert landscape. Enjoy the clean, crisp mountain air, discover new trails and creeks, go hiking on the steep passages on the canyons craggy walls.

3. Go out for a picnic

The autumn and spring were made for picnicking. You can be out in the sun sitting under shady trees with crimson leaves, watching nature in its full glory. Yes, some parts of Arizona have trees! The Call of the Canyon is among the best picnic spots in the state where tourists can go hiking through the forests.

4. Visit the beautiful forests

The picturesque landscape, pretty trails, and natural coniferous forests are full of maple, box elder, oak trees. Visit the Coconino National Forest in the north central part of the state and lose yourself in the autumn colors and smell of pinecones. Watch how the leaves change color turning different shades of yellow.

5. Go for long walks and drives around the country

If you're looking for some alone time, try the Thomas Point Trail about a few hundred miles south of the Call of the Canyon. The cool clear streams complement the landscape reflecting the many colors of the autumn leaves.

6. A treat for bird watchers

Autumn is also a treat for bird watchers who can hike up the hills and cliffs of the Grand Canyon from where eagles can be easily spotted. Carry a pair of binoculars to observe the soaring hawks and ravens.

7. Enjoy the fairs and festivals

Cities such as Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Mesa and so forth are known for their cultural fests, animal fairs, and rich heritage. Check out the rich history and tradition of Arizona, munch on the local cuisine and be a part of the local festivities. The annual Navajo Nation Fair, Apache County Fair and Yavapai County Fair are already hogging limelight. If you can, check out one of these!

8. Sightseeing: plan a trip around the city

Pima Air & Space Museum, the Desert Botanical Garden, Musical Instrument Museum, and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is among the countless tourist attractions that travelers can visit.

9. Take a hot air balloon ride

Watch the beauty of Central Arizona unfold below you from above in a hot air balloon which can be done in several locations around the Phoenix metro area, including cities on the outskirts of Phoenix. Tourists who want an extra adrenalin rush can also indulge in extreme sports activities such as bungee jumping, para gliding, and hiking activities.

10. Go camping in the moors

Autumn is also perfect for star gazing and a camp out on the moors of the Grand Canyon. Set in the lap of the majestic mountains with creeks and forests surrounding it, the Canyon offers tourists of burst of colors, smells, and sounds.

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